“Client’s funds are secured!”



Zoom trader

The No1 priority for ZoomTrader is safety and integrity of clients accounts

ZoomTrader delivers on its name.

They provide a sure approach to making fast money. The platform works without any snags. They can be reached quickly when it comes to customer support. And it’s a cinch to get started right away.

ZoomTrader is hard to beat in a tough industry. They know just what a trader wants. And the key to their success is they know how to deliver.


How Does It Perform?

ZoomTrader really distinguishes itself in a crowded field. They know that there are a lot of platforms out there. So it’s very refreshing to see the new approaches that aren’t found anywhere but on ZoomTrader.

zoomtrader-trading-plaformsFor one, there are three viewing modes from which a customer can choose. It’s nice to be able to change things up once in a while. It’s also an extremely successful way to manage a person’s investments, gains, and account.

Clients can select a classic, standard mode.

But they also have the ability to choose a multiple view mode or a Single view.

The options for trading are also as numerous. There’s the regular High/Low and One Touch, accompanied by Touch and Boundary selections. This really helps one maximize his gains. ZoomTrader also improves one’s chances of success with Extend now features built into the platform.

ZoomTrader has some of the more diverse ranges around. Customers can find just the right length they want, reaching from 60 seconds all the way to the end of the month on expirations for trades. And early close options are also a great tool with ZoomTrader.


How Helpful Are They?


Easy to use mobile application provides great experience while trading with ZoomTrader.

ZoomTrader knows that a trader can need help wherever and whenever. Their mobile app is great for those clients looking to make money even when they’re not by their computer.

And their worldwide clientele can also find the assistance it needs. ZoomTrader has its customers’ back in 14 separate languages. That kind of dedication is just about unheard of in the trading options industry. Their e-mail support, phone lines, live chat are truly on level with some of the longest-lasting trading platforms in the business.


What’s In It For Me?

ZoomTrader offers 50% to 100% bonuses, depending on the stratum one chooses for his account. There’s also access to video courses, risk free trades, market review, webinars, and so much more.

It’s best to search out whether the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or the Platinum accounts serves your needs best. Whatever the case, ZoomTrader has enough for everyone.



Summing Up

ZoomTrader, in spite of being the new kid on the block, really makes a name for itself. The marvelous service it offers the customer is hard to compare. Their bonuses are also really impressive. The platform is easy to use and offers tremendous choice.

All in all, it’s hard to outrun ZoomTrader.

ZoomTrader Pros & Cons


  • Unparalleled Customer Support
  • Low Starting Deposit
  • 83% Max Payout
  • Mobile App


  • No US traders permitted
  • No Demo