elitetraderElite Traders App is one of the best new systems New system uses “double” trade verification

We had some skeptical views before reviewing Elite Trader App due to rumors that this trading bot had copied some of the materials off of another trading bot on our TOP 5 Automated software list, but the minute we saw it we knew we were wrong – This is a great software.


fms-systemWe were pretty impressed with the overall look and feel of this system, as well as the video presentation and testimonials.

Their system is over 4 years old, so it’s been battled tested, and now it’s available for free to the public. They do a couple of things that are very unique.

First, they take 5% of your profits, that’s all, and there is no charge for their system. It’s entirely free. So, if YOU don’t make money, they do not make money. This is a really good arrangement.

Second, they use “double verification” of trades. A real, live trader verifies each trade you make, which eliminates trading errors. Very smart!

Costumer support

Elite Trader App distinguishes itself by letting traders collect their earnings with speed which is a great news for all customers. And it really indicates the kind of service they strive for.

Their customer support is on level with what a person expects for any company that is in this business. Analysts and advisors are standing by, as well, always ready to offer their advice and assistance – this is what make a difference with this bot.

stock-broker-career1That is why before the elite trader app came out your best bet to make money with binary options was to buy live signals from some of the best traders in the world.

Which would cost you around $4,000 to $10,000 per month.

Sounds insane?

Most folks gladly pay that amount because they would double or triple it a month every month.

There is just no substitution for a well trained human mind. That is why day traders are not going to be replaced by machines any time soon.

But what does all of that mean? Well, elite trader app is as far as I know the only trading software that uses real traders to check and double check the incoming trades. Thanks to the combination of a computer picking only profitable trades and then real traders evaluating the possibility, elite trader app is simply the best binary options bot out there. Best part it’s free!


Elite Trader App makes it clear they’re just hitting their stride. Their  software performs like a charm.

They offer some of the most helpful and reliable customer support in the industry. And they really are one of the best automated trading platforms for the beginners out there, especially because of their double-verification .

Signing with them is an investment that promises to grow.